What is solar proofing against birds?

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Posted on 11 April 2023

Are you struggling with the presence of birds on your solar panels? If so, you’re not alone. Many home and business owners struggle with the effects of birds on their solar panels. Bird droppings are capable of causing serious damage to the surface of the panels. Even corroding the cables. The birds themselves can bite through the cables and scratch the solar panels, causing the system to stop generating power. If you’re wondering what is solar proofing against birds, read on. 

Protect your solar panels against bird activityBird Proofing for Solar Panels in Doncaster

As solar panels become more popular across the UK due to their ability to cut energy costs significantly, increasing numbers of people are enquiring about bird proofing for solar panels in Doncaster. Birds, and pigeons in particular, make a beeline for solar panels, often choosing to nest underneath them in search of warmth and safety. 

Not only are the solar panels located high up on the roof where birds like to perch anyway but they provide shelter from the effects of the elements and against predators. They’re also a great location to make a nest and raise their young. All these factors make solar panels incredibly vulnerable to bird infestations. What can start with one bird choosing your solar panels as its resting spot can lead to a whole family of them making themselves at home. 

The damage that birds can cause to solar panels can be significant. They’re capable of reducing their performance and efficiency and even damaging them beyond repair in some cases. With the average cost of solar panels in the UK currently sitting at £5,420 for a three-bedroom house, it’s a good idea to protect your investment by choosing bird proofing for solar panels. Since solar panels are expensive, it doesn’t make sense to have them installed only to find that months they’re no longer effective months later due to pesky pigeons. 

Bird proofing for solar panels in Doncaster

Since solar panels can be such a significant investment for your home, it’s very important to protect them from damage. That includes safeguarding them from birds. Whilst bird spikes were once the primary form of treatment, they’re now considered outdated. Not only do they fail to provide the longevity required to keep your solar panels bird-free in the future, but the installation process risks damaging the panels and therefore impacting their warranty. 

At Topline, we can install highly effective bird proofing for solar panels in Doncaster, preventing them from causing major damage. We can install a wire mesh to the exterior of the solar panels using clips, stopping all types of birds from nesting under them. We carefully overlap the corners of the mesh, ensuring that there are no gaps to serve as access points. This is done without affecting the warranty of the solar panels at all. 

Our skilled pest control team can also remove any birds or nests that remain under the solar panels, ensuring nothing is trapped underneath. As part of our service, we’ll also clean the panels and the roof area in general before installing the bird proofing products, eliminating any droppings and fully sanitising the surface. Our bird proofing service is used by home and business owners throughout Doncaster and the surrounding areas.

Topline Pest Control in DoncasterSolar panel mesh

If you want to protect your solar panels from birds, we will usually recommend installing a mesh made from steel. Our solar panel mesh is an extremely effective barrier against birds, preventing nesting and roosting. Even the very smallest bird species such as sparrows and starlings will find it impossible to find their way under this mesh. 

Our pest controllers will install it around the perimeter of the panels, stopping them from making themselves at home in this warm, safe space underneath. They will be forced to search for somewhere else to nest. The solar panel mesh we install will be made to a high standard from strong, hardwearing materials. This ensures it delivers the highest level of protection for your solar panels against any bird activity. 

How much is solar bird proofing for solar panels?

Many people wonder “What is solar proofing against birds likely to cost me?” The cost of bird proofing solar panels can vary considerably. This is because every set of solar panels is unique, which means that the cost of the mesh to cover their perimeter will be different from property to property. Labour costs vary significantly between companies as well. 

At Topline, we aim to keep our solar bird proofing prices highly competitive. This ensures that our services are accessible to as many property owners as possible. For a quote for bird proofing for solar panels in Doncaster, talk to our team. We’ll come out to your property to carry out a full survey and let you know exactly how much you will need to pay to protect your solar panels from birds. 

When choosing a pest control provider to bird proof your solar panels, it’s vital to choose a company that has the knowledge and expertise needed to carry out the job correctly. It’s sometimes worth paying a little more since this can mean that the materials used are of the highest quality. 

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