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Posted by jask Media on 3 November 2023

What time of year are insects most active?

A question we often get asked here at Topline is “What time of year are insects most active?”. Insects in the UK do tend to be at their most active during the warmer months of the year. Spring and summer offer favourable conditions for bugs, which tend to thrive during warmer temperatures and warmer days. However, they can also cause you problems when temperatures drop, so it’s important not to...

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Posted by jask Media on 6 October 2023

What are the most common pests in the UK?

Are you wondering “What are the most common pests in the UK?” If so, this article is for you. As one of the leading pest control companies in Doncaster, we have dealt with many different pests over the years, ranging from rats and cockroaches to bed bugs and birds. Some pests can cause more damage and annoyance than others, but it’s always best to act as quickly as you can...

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Posted by jask Media on 6 September 2023

Why are pests bad? [ Infographic ]

Are you wondering “Why are pests bad?”. Perhaps you’ve noticed signs of an infestation and are wondering if you need an exterminator or if you can leave the pests alone. The truth is, they can cause many problems ranging from health issues to property damage, which means they shouldn’t be ignored for too long. Read on to find out why pests are bad.  The negative impact of pests Pests can...

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Posted by jask Media on 2 August 2023

How to prevent flies

Are flies making your life a misery? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Flies can quickly infest homes and businesses during the summer months. They can cause a real nuisance and even spreading harmful diseases such as E. coli and Salmonella. Fortunately, there are things you can do to stop them wreaking havoc. Read on to find out how to prevent flies. 6 tips for preventing flies in your property...

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Posted by jask Media on 6 July 2023

How warmer weather can create pest problems

With summer fast approaching, it’s important to look out for pests on your property. The rising temperatures at this time of year can lead to various pest issues ranging from ant and cockroach infestations to wasp nests. Keep reading to learn how warmer weather can create pest problems in the UK.  Why are pests more common in the summer?  Summer creates the ideal conditions for pests, making them more of...

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Posted by jask Media on 20 June 2023

What’s the difference between bees and honey bees?

Bees are one of the world’s most important insects. They play a crucial role in pollination, which is essential for the reproduction of flowering plants. However, there’s some confusion about bees, with many people asking the question “What’s the difference between bees and honey bees?” Read on to find out the answer to this common question. 6 key differences between bumblebees and honey bees If you’re confused about what differentiates...

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Posted by jask Media on 9 June 2023

Are pest control chemicals safe?

If you’re dealing with a pest infestation in your home, you might be wondering “Are pest control chemicals safe?” This is a common concern, especially among people with children and pets. The good news is that the chemicals used in pesticides and rodenticides are generally safe when used in the correct manner. Read on to find out more about the safety of pest control chemicals.   What are pesticides? When we...

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Posted by jask Media on 4 May 2023

Why is pest control important?

Are you dealing with pests such as rodents or insects in your home or business premises? If so, it’s time to enlist a professional pest control service. If you’re wondering “Why is pest control important?”, read on. We’ve listed the biggest benefits of hiring a local pest control company.  4 key benefits of pest control in Doncaster There are so many benefits of hiring pest control services. Not only does...

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Posted by jask Media on 11 April 2023

What is solar proofing against birds?

Are you struggling with the presence of birds on your solar panels? If so, you’re not alone. Many home and business owners struggle with the effects of birds on their solar panels. Bird droppings are capable of causing serious damage to the surface of the panels. Even corroding the cables. The birds themselves can bite through the cables and scratch the solar panels, causing the system to stop generating power....

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Posted by jask Media on 7 March 2023

How to get rid of wasps

Are you wondering how to get rid of wasps? Then you’re not alone. Wasps are one of the most complained about pests in the UK, with these winged insects causing stress and worry for many property owners. Humans tend to find the presence of wasps highly troubling due to the way they can consume our food and sting us. To find out what you can do to overcome problems with...

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