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Cockroach Control in Doncaster

Many people associate cockroaches with tropical holiday destinations, but believe it or not, they are present in the UK too. Whilst you’re less likely to see them here, certain behaviours can encourage them. Cockroach infestations often occur due to poor kitchen hygiene, with spilt food and liquids, crumbs and debris, and dirty work surfaces common causes. At Topline, we provide professional cockroach control in Doncaster, with our team using a variety of methods to get rid of these unpleasant creatures on your property.

Cockroach Extermination Services

The most common signs of cockroaches on your property are an unpleasant smell, brown smear marks on surfaces and black or brown droppings. You may also notice damage to items such as books, clothing, paper, packaging materials or leather goods. Cockroaches will eat practically anything. We are fully equipped to remove all types of cockroaches for both the domestic and the commercial marketplaces.

If you know or suspect you have a cockroach infestation, hire our cockroach extermination services right away. Cockroaches breed fast, with the German cockroach producing 48 eggs every six weeks. This could potentially lead to over 100,000 roaches over a year.

The German cockroach is the type most prevalent in the UK and is typically found living indoors. Since these pests can’t survive more than a few days without water, they tend to hide out somewhere they can gain access to a source of water, including behind sinks and in dishwashers. Our cockroach extermination services can put a stop to the infestation, eliminating these creatures from your property once and for all.

Cockroach Removal

If you see a cockroach in your home or business premises, don’t ignore it. Not only is it deeply unpleasant to see them running around your kitchen, but these insects can be harmful to humans. They carry potentially dangerous bacteria, including those that cause Salmonellosis, Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Gastroenteritis and Dysentery. To protect the health of your family, staff or customers, it’s important to control the infestation as quickly as possible. Topline can provide professional cockroach removal in Doncaster, treating the problem in a highly effective manner.

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For cockroach control in Doncaster, contact Topline. Call us on 01302 969049 or 07484688717 to discuss your pest control needs with one of our friendly team. You can also get in touch by sending us a message via our website. If your cockroach infestation is an emergency, let us know so that we can attend to your property at the earliest opportunity.

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Danny Evans Wasp extermination

I heard a very faint buzzing and crackling in the bedroom wall at 0830 this morning, contacted Topline immediately and by 1100 Topline had been to my house, into the loft and completely resolved the issue. Wasps have gone and no more noise. Great service, response and professionalism throughout. Hopefully won't be needed again but if ever I get another problem, I'll definitely be using this company again.

Jamie Thomson

Had an enquiry answered on the same day. They attended on the same day and acted quickly and professionally to solve it. All done within 15 minutes - very good service!

Rachel Nottingham Rodent extermination

Mark came out the next day after getting in contact set mouse traps up within 2 hours one was caught but alive as it was a rat, we rang mark who sent another colleague out (forgot name but very pleasant) dealt with the rat and put rat traps down, no more expense either which is a different setup. More than happy with this service would definitely recommend.

Clair Gratsa Wasp extermination

Very professional and friendly service. We were in the process of clearing out our garden and gardener found a wasps nest. Called Topline, came out within the hour dealt with problem and seen no wasps since. Would thoroughly recommend this business.

Kelly Pinder Bird control

I had pigeons nesting under my solar panels. I gave Topline a call and the service I received was excellent. They dealt with the problem efficiently and professionally along with a friendly manner. Would highly recommend.

Garry Pridmore Wasp extermination

I had a wasp nest in my garage, so I called Topline Pest Control and they are incredibly good, they have competitive prices, very friendly technician would definitely recommend. Would 100% youse again if any other pest problems.


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