How warmer weather can create pest problems

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Posted on 6 July 2023

With summer fast approaching, it’s important to look out for pests on your property. The rising temperatures at this time of year can lead to various pest issues ranging from ant and cockroach infestations to wasp nests. Keep reading to learn how warmer weather can create pest problems in the UK. 

Why are pests more common in the summer? 

Summer creates the ideal conditions for pests, making them more of a problem in your home or business than at other times of the year. There are a few ways in which warmer weather can contribute to pest infestations, including:

Ant infestation problems

  • Increased breeding rates. Many types of pests reproduce rapidly when temperatures are higher. Insects such as ants and cockroaches thrive in warmer conditions and reproduce at a much faster rate. This can result in a large population of pests in a shorter period, raising the risk of a serious infestation. 
  • Extended breeding seasons. Many pests prefer to breed in warmer weather, which means that their breeding season is likely to be extended if the mercury remains high. They will reproduce for a longer period, resulting in higher pest populations and more serious pest problems. 
  • Enhanced survival and development: In general, pests are better able to survive in warmer weather. Warmer climates provide pests with favourable conditions for their survival, and development. For example, higher temperatures accelerate the metabolic rates of pests. This means they can process food more efficiently, reproduce at a faster rate, and complete their life cycles more quickly. As a result, pest populations can increase rapidly.
  • Increased human activity: During the summer months, people normally spend more time outside, relaxing and socialising in their gardens. Windows and doors are often left open too. This increased human activity can make it easier for pests to find food and water sources and shelter. Flying pests like flies and ants take advantage of outdoor gatherings and open windows to find their way inside properties. 
  • More abundant food sources: Many pests are attracted to the food sources that are more widely available during the summer months. Insects such as ants, flies, and cockroaches are drawn to all the exposed food and sugary substances that people consume when dining alfresco at this time of year. 

These are just some of the ways how warmer weather can create pest problems. Talk to our team if you’re dealing with a pest infestation on your property and need expert assistance.

What pests are most common in summer?

Some pests are more prevalent during the summer months than others. The most common summer pests in the UK include:

  • Flies. Various fly species are prevalent during summer. The most common of these are house flies and fruit flies, which are attracted to food sources, rubbish, and decaying organic matter. They can be a huge nuisance when they find their way indoors.
  • Ants. Ants are incredibly active during the summer months. Their search for food (particularly sweet substances) leads them to invade our homes. Some of the most widely seen ants in the UK include the common black garden ant and the carpenter ant, the latter of which can cause serious structural damage.
  • Wasps and bees. Wasps and bees are much more abundant during the summer months when the flowers are in bloom. Whilst these insects play an important role in pollination, they can sting you if they’re provoked. Since some people are allergic to wasp or bee stings, a colony of these pests on your property can be Mice Extermination in Doncasterhighly concerning. 
  • Fleas. Fleas are a common summer pest. They can infest not just homes but pets too, causing them major discomfort. Since fleas reproduce very quickly and can be almost impossible to eliminate without the proper treatment, it’s a good idea to call in a pest controller.
  • Bed Bugs. Bed bugs can be a problem all year round, however, their populations normally swell in the summer months. The main reason for this is that the increased human activity allows the bed bugs to spread more easily, allowing them to infest furniture and bedding.  
  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches thrive in warm and humid conditions, making them common during the summer. These unwelcome bugs can infest homes and businesses, contaminate food, and lead to allergies and asthma symptoms.
  • Spiders: Although spiders are generally beneficial insects, some species become much more active in the summer. They tend to invade homes to escape the heat outside. Whilst most spiders are harmless, a few species can pose risks. 
  • Termites: Termites are active all year round, however, their activity tends to be more noticeable when the weather is warmer. Since these pests can cause serious damage to wooden structures, it’s important to act quickly to eliminate them.

Pest control in Doncaster 

If you’re dealing with a pest control problem, or you want to use preventative measures to reduce the risk of pests making their way into your home or business this summer, we can assist. Topline Pest Control in Doncaster is on hand to address and prevent pest infestations in your home or business premises. Our experienced pest control technicians use a range of methods to eliminate all kinds of pests safely and effectively. Whether you’re dealing with an infestation of flies or ants on your property or need a wasp nest removed as soon as possible, we’re on hand to assist. 

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