How to get rid of feral pigeons in town centres and commercial properties

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Posted on 9 January 2023

Have you been wondering how to get rid of feral pigeons in town centres and commercial properties? Then you’re not alone. Feral pigeons can cause a great deal of annoyance. As well as being very noisy, they can cause problems with hygiene and even damage the structure of buildings. Many business owners have seen their reputations harmed due to the presence of feral pigeons. Thankfully, help is available if you do need assistance with pigeon control in Doncaster.

The health impact of feral pigeons 

One of the reasons so many people are seeking assistance with pigeon control in Doncaster is that pigeons carry more than 110 pathogens. This is why pigeon controllers wear PPE not only when they’re dealing with these birds but their droppings too. It’s said that almost half of all feral pigeons could be infected with Chlamydia Psittaci. This can cause ornithosis in humans, which can cause problems such as the inability to control body temperature. It can also cause severe weakness, blurred vision, pneumonia and headaches. Furthermore, it can even result in death in severe cases. This is why it’s so important to take action quickly if you do need help with pest control in Doncaster.

How can pigeon droppings affect buildings?Pidgeon Control in Doncaster

Pigeon droppings can be very harmful to humans. These droppings are also very acidic. This means they can cause erosion to brickwork, stonework and metal. Buildings with pigeon droppings also look very unappealing. These droppings can cause a very unpleasant smell and can have a very negative impact on your business. They can also spoil your enjoyment of your home. Bird droppings can become harder to remove over time, which is one of the reasons why it’s so important to act quickly if you do discover them on your property.

How do pigeons enter buildings?

Pigeons can enter buildings via several locations. These include open windows, damaged windows, guttering and open eaves. Pigeon droppings, nesting materials and feathers can also block your guttering and drainage systems. These blockages can cause water damage.

How can I prevent problems with pigeons?

There are several steps that you can take to prevent encountering problems with pigeons in your home or business premises. These include installing proofing alongside bird deterrent solutions. It’s also possible to install anti-pigeon facilities in high, hard-to-reach areas.

Why leave things to the experts?

Although you may be tempted to deal with a pigeon-related problem yourself, it is highly inadvisable to do so. Leave these tasks to highly experienced professionals who can help you eradicate or minimise your problem safely. It’s also important to note that wild birds and their eggs have the protection of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This means you could find yourself in legal trouble if you wrongly identify your target species.

Are problems with pigeons getting worse?

Many experts say that urban flocks are now growing faster than they were several years ago. Feral pigeons tend to feel incredibly comfortable in urban environments. Urban buildings make it relatively easy for urban pigeons to roost and breed, whilst humans often provide them with food either intentionally or unintentionally.

Why use a pigeon control service in Doncaster?

By using a pigeon control service, you can ensure birds are dealt with legally, safely and humanely. A pigeon control company can deal with pigeons on your property in a highly effective manner to help you prevent damage and illnesses contracted from the presence of these feral birds. The best pigeon control companies can provide services for both commercial and domestic companies. Even if a company can’t completely eliminate your problem, they may still be able to minimise it so you can manage the issue much more effectively. The longer an issue with pests is left to progress, the more expensive it can become.

Topline Pest ControlWhich methods are used to control pigeons in Doncaster?

Various methods can be used to control pigeons on domestic and commercial properties. These can include installing spikes, netting, bird wire, electric shock systems, optical gel, screening and mesh. Before a pigeon control company gets to work, they should carry out a survey to find out exactly what’s attracting these feral birds to your property. All birds are capable of causing damage to properties, but pigeons are regarded as particularly destructive.

Why choose Topline?

If you have been asking how to get rid of feral pigeons in town centres and commercial properties, you may now be wondering who can assist you. At Topline, we are here for you if you need assistance with pigeon control in Doncaster. Our highly experienced technicians are able to deal with all types of birds on your property to prevent the inconvenience and damage they often cause. We can also assist you if you’re experiencing problems with birds like seagulls. The services that we provide help you prevent damage to your building and your stock. They can remove the risk of your customers slipping on droppings and help you to protect your reputation if you’re a business owner.

We are waiting to assist you if you need help with a pigeon infestation. Dealing with the issue yourself can be incredibly risky. You run the risk of persecution if you commit a wildlife crime whilst attempting to overcome your problem. It’s always best to leave things to the professionals when you do have pests including pigeons to deal with.

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