Are pest control chemicals safe?

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Posted on 9 June 2023

If you’re dealing with a pest infestation in your home, you might be wondering “Are pest control chemicals safe?” This is a common concern, especially among people with children and pets. The good news is that the chemicals used in pesticides and rodenticides are generally safe when used in the correct manner. Read on to find out more about the safety of pest control chemicals.  

What are pesticides? Insect Extermination Doncaster

When we talk about pest control chemicals, we’re talking about pesticides. Pesticides control pests such as insects and rodents. Those used on insects are known as insecticides whilst those that control rodents are called rodenticides. Pesticides can exist in various forms, including solid granules, powders or liquids. 

Some insecticides work by affecting the insect’s nervous system, whilst others are growth regulators or endotoxins. Most of these chemicals act on neurons by causing an imbalance of sodium and potassium, preventing the normal transmission of nerve impulses. Rodenticides include anticoagulants like bromadiolone. Bromadiolone kills rodents such as rats and mice by preventing the blood from clotting. Whilst some other rat poisons require several days of feeding to take effect, bromadiolone tends to be lethal from day one, making it highly effective. Keep reading to learn are pest control chemicals safe. 

Can pesticides harm humans or pets?

Whilst pesticides are designed to kill insects and rodents, they can also be dangerous to humans and pets such as dogs and cats if handled correctly. Many pesticides can cause poisoning if they’re swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. Symptoms of pesticide poisoning can include coughing, eye tearing and breathing difficulties. Since pesticide exposure can make humans and pets very sick, it’s important to handle these chemicals properly. Keep children and pets away from the area that’s been treated. 

Pesticide safety precautions

Since pesticides can cause harm to people and pets, they should be used safely. Select the most appropriate product and use it according to the label directions. You should also read the first aid instructions carefully before using it. Kids, pets and anyone else who isn’t needed for the application of the pesticides should be kept out of the area before they are mixed and applied. Additionally, you should wear protective clothing whilst using pesticides. Long pants, a long sleeve shirt and closed-toe shoes should be worn as standard, along with chemical-resistant gloves, a face shield and goggles when mixing them. 

Mix the pesticides outdoors or in areas that are very well-ventilated. Prepare only what you need for the short term as this will ensure you don’t need to store or dispose of excess amounts of chemicals. You should work very carefully with pesticides and if a spillage occurs for whatever reason, you’ll need to address it properly. You can keep spillages of liquid chemicals from spreading by covering them with absorbent materials, such as paper towels, newspaper, rags, sand, soil, sand or sawdust. Be sure to clean up the spill right away. 

Remove any personal items, including toys and clothing, from the area where the pesticide will be sprayed. This will help to avoid contamination. After using the chemicals, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, particularly before eating or smoking. Remember that ingesting even a small amount of pesticide can cause extremely serious health problems in some people. 

Topline Pest ControlHire a reputable pest control company 

Pest control chemicals are safe when handled carefully by someone who’s fully trained to use them. With this in mind, it’s important to hire the services of a reputable pest control company with a proven track record of eliminating pests of all kinds. Ideally, the company you choose should be a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and on the Professional Pest Controllers Register.

Dealing with a pest infestation yourself can be tempting, especially if you want the problem dealt with as quickly as possible. However, it’s not advisable if you lack the required expertise. There are some major risks of DIY pest control. 

The most obvious risk is to your health and that of those around you. That’s because using pest control chemicals improperly can present a serious health hazard. You could end up inadvertently poisoning your family or pets if you don’t apply pesticides in the correct manner. You could also endanger yourself if you confront rodents, wasps or birds and you startle or anger them. They could end up attacking you in self-defence. 

Above all, there’s a big chance that your efforts to deal with a pest infestation will be unsuccessful. You could even make it worse. With this in mind, it makes sense to hire the services of a trusted pest control company in your area. 

Pest control in Doncaster 

At Topline Pest Control, we specialise in pest control in Doncaster, having helped hundreds of residential and commercial customers deal with infestations. We can get rid of insects such as ants, cockroaches and bed bugs along with rodents like mice and rats in a safe and effective manner. We use the best, most effective methods of pest control in our work. 

Our pest control technicians are on hand to offer a fast and efficient service. We work around the clock to ensure we can assist you with your pest emergencies. Whether ants have taken over your commercial kitchen, you’ve spotted a rat in your home or you don’t know what to do with the wasps nest in your garden, we’re here to help. 

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